Parent Coaching Session


Give yourself the opportunity to build skills and confidence that benefits you and your baby for the rest of your life.

A session is 45-60 minutes

Where: Sessions are offered virtually. I would love to be in your home working along side you and virtual sessions are the closest I can get. Flexibility in scheduling is offered to address needs in real time which is an exciting advantage over traditional therapy.




What You’ll Get:

We will discuss your questions and concerns

I will answer all your questions and address your concerns to help you with your next steps. 

I give you simple strategies and things to start working on that day.

We also talk about options going forward.


I guarantee you will come away from each session with practical strategies that you can immediately start implementing. 

Unfortunately, insurance is not accepted for these visits. Fortunately, HSA’s do offer coverage for these visits. Other types of personal payment are also accepted.