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Speech and Feeding Therapy Virtual Services

At NSV my goal is to get into the homes of all the families I serve. This is why I offer speech and feeding therapy services virtually! This approach allows me to see and support the natural environment that parents and their babies are in everyday. I want to see where and how you feed…

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Advice from a Speech and Language Therapist

Why you Should Avoid Calling Food “Good” and “Bad” One common behavior I see as a speech and language therapist is parents labeling their babies food as “good” or “bad”. It is true that some foods are healthier than others but food is made up of a variety of properties. These include taste, texture, temperature,…

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Speech and Feeding Therapy: How They can Help

Speech Therapy: A Positive Approach to Food There’s no denying that starting solid foods is a big milestone for babies and parents alike. While most new parents are eager to start feeding their baby, this can be a challenge. It could be particularly difficult for babies with physical, developmental and/or sensory challenges. This is where…

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When is Eating a Problem?

Feeding problems in infants can pop up when they are first learning to eat, or can develop later in life. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when a baby begins to have problems with eating, because many of the early signs are subtle and easy to miss. However, there are some obvious signs your infant may…


Is your child at risk for a developmental delay?

Did you know that a risk factor for developmental delays starts with feeding? A recent article published in The Journal of Pediatrics found that children with feeding problems are four or more times more likely to miss a developmental milestone. Feeding is the foundation for all areas of development.  So many parents don’t know…


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Calling parents with babies and small kids birth to 18 months! NOW is the time to give you parents easy access, high quality, expert advice for nourishing your baby WITHOUT leaving your home to gain the confidence you need to feed you child without the stress or anxiety that it can produce.. 💪 REGISTRATION NOW…

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Let’s Get Started!

Are you a parent with a baby age birth to 18 months old?  😨 Why’s it so nerve-racking to feed your baby when its “supposed to come naturally”? How are you supposed to  make sure you are feeding your baby the right  way and that they’re getting enough if nobody has told you how and…


What is “Nourishing Small Voices”?

Nourishing Small Voices is dedicated to the thriving of babies and our small humans through the support and education of their parents. Throughout my career, I have witnessed the thriving of my baby patients as I have taught parents and given them skills to help their babies grow. The key to a healthy baby? Healthy…