As parents, we set the stage to show our children what is possible.

Confidence, connection, knowledge and trust are the foundation from which we nourish small voices.

The very first step to raising a child is making sure that they eat, are nourished, and grow. Educating parents and teaching skills about feeding your child will sustain not only your baby, but YOU, the parent. This education and support will empower you far beyond just feeding your baby and will be a strong foundation you will use in each stage of development.

Working with me begins with an initial one-off Coaching Session that takes place virtually.

Your first session includes:

  • Discussion about your unique situation, questions and concerns.
  • I do a feeding with you and your baby in your home virtually.
  • I give you expert opinion with simple strategies to start working on immediately.
  • We talk about recommendations and options going forward.

Goals for coaching:

Limit stress and anxiety around eating and mealtimes


Long waiting lists for therapy and limited success

Get the support you need directly in your home BEFORE you’ve built the habits that cause stress, anxiety, and a poor eating and bonding experience for you and your baby

The skills and strategies you learn at our sessions will increase your confidence to create the most nourishing bond for you and your child.

Questions I often get from parents before the first session:

What age group is this support suitable for?

My coaching sessions and packages are suitable for parents with babies between birth-18 months often closer to the 3-6 month stage when they are ready to start solids. I have spent many years seeing kids past the age of 18 months however I have come to realize that habits have been built and are much harder to overcome. 

Do you do nutrition and lactation?

I address both nutrition and lactation on a surface level. These areas are not my expertise and I make referrals when more specific information is needed in these areas.

When are the coaching sessions held?

Once you book your first session, you will get a link to my availability where you can select the day and time that works best for you.

You don’t have to do it on your own.

You don’t need to be embarrassed to ask questions or address concerns.

You don’t have to only rely on traditional methods of parenting or your own experience which may be limiting.

Parenting (and feeding your baby) is not necessarily “easy” or “comes naturally”. 

I’m here to hold your hand during this journey to help you and your baby grow together.

Reserve your first Parent Coaching Session and let’s get started!

“I have to share how life changing Breanna’s few suggestions were for my kids. Eating with them and showing them with my body language that food is good has been a simple but surprisingly big and positive change. She’s brilliant.”


“I wish I had someone like Breanna to guide me through the process of being a new mom and feeding my babies. I didn’t know how much of an impact that could have made. It would have really helped reduce my stress and anxiety as well as brought me closer to my children.”

Benefits of Virtual Visits

Long before Covid I was pushing for virtual visits. Why? I worked in an out-patient setting with parents and their kids on eating and feeding. It was very difficult to get good lasting results that carried over to the home environment. I have also worked directly in the home with families which is more successful and I can make appropriate recommendations given the environment. One of the drawbacks is kids feel more pressured to eat. Now using virtual visits more often, kids are less distracted by me and less pressured. Also, my goal is to reach as many people as I can so virtual sessions allow not only a better experience for your child but for me to reach more people.