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Services with NSV are offered virtually. One of my goals is to get into the homes of all the families I serve. Another one of my goals is to see and support the natural environment that parents and their babies are in everyday. I want to see where and how you feed your baby in your home so I know how to best help you. The natural home environment is where you and your baby are everyday and going out to a feeding clinic or hospital is less effective. I know because I did that for 10 years. And I know the home environment and how much more effective I am in the home. I wish I could come to each of your homes in person. Unfortunately that is not realistic but thankfully with the technology we have today it is easier than ever for me to “be in your home” and give you the best, most appropriate service and support to help you and your baby succeed. There are actually a lot of reasons virtual therapy is more advantageous but I’m just going to give you one more. The biggest goal in feeding therapy is to reduce stress and anxiety for parents and baby. I have noticed that when I sit in front of parents and babies, they feel pressured and anxious which of course does not help the feeding situation. When I am on screen, I have noticed parents and babies feel less stressed and pressured and therefore babies eat better and we have more success. I’m looking forward to seeing you soon!

What to Expect with One-on-One Virtual Therapy Sessions

Once you sign up for Nourishing Small Voices, you may be wondering what happens next. Here is what you can expect from your speech and feeding virtual sessions with Breanna Rose:

Your first session with a speech language pathologist includes:

  • Discussion about your unique situation, questions and concerns.
  • I do a feeding with you and your baby in your home virtually.
  • I give you expert clinical opinion, education about your baby’s specific developmental stage, and simple strategies to start working on immediately.
  • We talk about recommendations and options for services going forward if needed.


Session two-four with a speech language pathologist include:

Follow up on what strategies are working and what is not

Ongoing education about your baby and the rapid developmental changes they make in their first year of life. A LOT happens and it’s important to follow these changes to support their growth and development

Updated strategies based on your/ your child’s development and or success at home