Hi there, this is Breanna Rose! Please watch the video I’ve created for you below, and leave me a response to see if I can help you and your child!


Nourishing Small Voices is dedicated to the thriving of babies and our small humans through supporting and educating parents. Learn how a feeding specialist can help!

Are you a parent struggling to feed your baby?

  • Are you aware of the behavioral, physical, emotional problems that happen when feeding is a problem?

  • Do you know that how you feed your baby affects your bond with them?

  • Did you know that 1 in 5 children under the age of five are diagnosed with a feeding disorder each year?

  • Did you know a feeding specialist can help with all of these things?

Hi, I’m Breanna Rose, M.S.,CCC-SLP

As an expert, thought leader, and innovator in educating and supporting parents in one of life’s most basic functions- eating, I’ve seen it all!

For the last 17 years, I’ve been working as a speech language pathologist specializing in helping babies eat.

I believe in the power of education, prevention and wellness and am passionate about finding inventive ways to help children and their families not just survive, but thrive!

My goal is to get education and support into the hands of all parents during the earliest developmental stages, birth to 18 months.

To accomplish this I work directly with parents as well as healthcare providers who provide care for babies (and their parents) birth through 18 months.

If you’ve been trying to find care for your child for a while now, you probably already know that waiting lists, pre-qualifications and other insurance nightmares can easily keep your baby from getting the care they need!

At Nourishing Small Voices, we work outside of regular insurance so you DON’T have to be on a waiting list, and you can get the convenient and more appropriate in-home care you and your baby deserve, today!

Find out how a feeding specialist near me can help!

As a parent, have you found yourself asking any of the following questions:


“Feeding my baby is hard. Why?”

“Am I doing enough?”

“Is my baby eating enough?”

“Why won’t my baby take a bottle?”

“When do they start solids?”

“What do I feed my baby?”

“How do I feed my baby?”

“Am I doing it right?”

“What am I doing wrong!?!”

“Will a feeding specialist help?”




These questions are important and there’s not a one size fits all answer. Doctors and healthcare professionals are limited with their time and expertise in this area to give you the support you need.

I know this because I’ve been there and I know it’s time to make changes that support more parents getting needed education and support.




It’s my personal mission to guide and support you in this process. Through a combination of one on one consulting sessions, or group therapy, we can have your baby eating well in no time, and enjoy all the benefits of this crucial stage of your baby’s development!


See what other parents have said about working with me:


“I have to share how life changing Breanna’s few suggestions were for my kids. Eating with them and showing them with my body language that food is good has been a simple but surprisingly big and positive change.

She’s brilliant.”


“I wish I had someone like Breanna to guide me through the process of being a new mom and feeding my babies. I didn’t know how much of an impact that could have made. It would have really helped reduce my stress and anxiety as well as brought me closer to my children.”


This quick 10 minute lesson is designed to engage you and teach you about the top 5 mistakes parents make when feeding baby so you can set the stage for life long healthy habits with your baby!